Minnesota Insurance Magazine: Readership and Circulation


A profile of readers of the Minnesota Insurance Magazine

More than 7,000 of Minnesota’s top insurance producers and company executives read the Minnesota Insurance magazine.

  • We print 2,500 copies each month that are seen by an average of 2.9 readers
  • The magazine is in 95% of the independent property-casualty agencies in the state
  • 83% of the top life and health brokerages; and in all of the insurance company executive suites in the state
  • This precisely selected audience of the most productive agents and brokers as well as top company decision makers keeps your ad cost low.
Since 1982 the Minnesota Insurance magazine has landed on these insurance leaders’ desks regularly where it is picked up and read. We don’t wait for them to visit a web site or attend a convention. The magazine goes right to them.

More than 1,000 pay $24 for a subscription. They read it. They SEE YOUR AD. It may cause them to phone you with a need. Or go to your web site. Or have a better idea of who you are the next time you phone them. Or they hear your name in a conversation.

74 percent of our readers are in the nine-county metropolitan area. Our agent-readers average 10.4 years experience in the insurance business and have average annual personal income from commissions and other fees of $102,195. Their primary clients are business owners and individuals with higher personal incomes.

Minnesota Insurance was founded in 1983.